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  1. DE + VBV Contact:
  2. Privet, Ya ishu servis kotorii predostavlyaet socks5 ili SSH5 socks, mne nujno: Minimalnii uptime - 1 nedelya Bistraya skorost Lubaya strana Prodaja v 1 ruki Ya pokupayu 15 shtuk v den ICQ: 364-1337 Jabber:
  3. Upupup!
  4. Upupup!
  5. Привет!Ищу Reserve Socks5 Bot.Мне нужно только Socks Module,не DDos,Formgrabber и подобное,только Socks.Оплата ЛР.Если есть что по теме,то пишите на ICQ: 3641337. Спасибо!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by INC. Mac511 Вы решили с клиентом возникшую ситуацию ? Sir, Ferum get CC from me 05.10 - there Statistic was 3 Good 7 Bad. So i talked with him, he said "Please no worry, i pay you" - so i said ok. So i asked him "U want more CC?" he says "YES", why he makes Problems now? Why he says now my CC is Bad? Check my Thread on the German Forum, or add me on ICQ i will give u 10 CC and we can Check, if 1 CC decline so i dont want money from Mac511. Here is a Verified Seller "[Сensored]" [Сensored] , he buy often CC from me, ask him my Quality, he will write here, i have Good CC. And no, he dont pay me. Thanks for help.
  7. Hello Team, I Talked with Mac511 on 03.10.2012, I said him i have many DE+VBV CC and i search a Reseller, he said he can Sale my CC. I Said him, i will have minimum 50$ per 1 CC + VBV he says no problem. On 05.10.2012 i send him for Test 10 DE + VBV CC Screenshot: After few Hours, i Logged in to Shop, and i see he saled all my CC, but Statistic was: 3 Good / 7 Bad. I Talked to him, i have explain him why his Checker says Invalid, he says ok. Screenshot: I do explain here too: Im Verified Seller on i have Feedbacks + 70 Posts only Positive, and i know very Good DE CC. The Problem is, Ferums Customer are using maybe other Socks, no from Germany, or they kill CC cuz they dont know how to set Sc/VbV. And Anti-Fraud in Germany is very strong, if u use 2 IPs within few Hours, the CC will barred, so if Customer use 1 IP and then he Check CC on Ferum shop, Checker use 1 IP too = Checker says Invalid. I Explain him tis he said he undertand and he will do Checker fix and my CC Customer cant check, so i said ok. On 05.10.2012 Ferum send my 500$, cuz he see Feedback on Screenshot: On 05.10.2012 I send Ferum again 10 DE + VBV. Screenshot: Next day Ferum says he will pay my 500$ Later, cuz he saled all CC. Screenshot: On 06.10.2012 i send him 22 DE + VBV. Screenshot: Ok now i count all: i give him 32 CC = 32 CC * 50$ = 1600$ Ferum pay me 600$ and 240$ so: 600$ + 240$ = 840$ 1600$ - 840$ = 760$ Ferum must send me 760$ , on ICQ he says he will not pay me. If Admin dont trust me, i can Verifi me on the Big German forum and i can show him, my CC are Good! Please a Admin help me, thanks!
  8. Quote: без отр не стучать, контакт в подписи. если у вас нет отр, стучите сюда Quote: (00:16:27) financesuрр hi, est mnogo EU FTP s norm potokami financesupport@xabber.definancesuрр same.
  9. Здравствуй, мошенник: Сумма: 20$ Liberty Reserve Товар: Взломанный FTP PatriotVR адресату 20$, он сказал, подождите 3-4 минуты. Тем не менее, никакой реакции в течение 30 минут. Заставила меня купить за 200$ FTP. Quote: (00:16:27) financesuрр hi, est mnogo EU FTP s norm potokami(00:17:14) Atatürk: hi (00:17:16) Atatürk: english? (00:17:20) financesuрр yes (00:17:27) Atatürk: yes (00:17:28) Atatürk: what u want (00:17:36) financesuрр I have alot FTP's EU and US, ypur prices ? (00:17:44) financesuрр alot traffic from my ftps (00:18:27) Atatürk: wow !! (00:18:30) Atatürk: but hacked? (00:18:33) Atatürk: or stealed, yes? (00:18:59) financesuрр hacked I am vendor of logs. (00:19:06) financesuрр your prices? (00:19:45) Atatürk: im seller on (00:19:49) Atatürk: ZEUSvbv (00:20:00) Atatürk: i pay 1 hacked FTP (00:20:03) Atatürk: 10$ (00:20:09) Atatürk: need (00:20:13) Atatürk: 20-30 ftp weekly (00:20:21) Atatürk: u can earn 300$ weekly from me (00:20:35) financesuрр what criteria ? (00:20:46) financesuрр I hope will build long term busines (00:20:49) Atatürk: i want to upload (00:20:52) Atatürk: my PHP Mailer (00:20:54) Atatürk: ant wanna spam (00:21:02) Atatürk: mail () must ok (00:21:04) financesuрр ok, I understund. (00:21:14) financesuрр how much ftp do you need now? (00:22:02) Atatürk: can i have 1 for test? (00:22:07) Atatürk: if possible (00:22:11) Atatürk: need 20 (00:22:19) Atatürk: i can pay 1 (00:22:20) Atatürk: no prob (00:22:43) financesuрр no, don't think shit, I am vendor, and have hundreds ftp, and you want 1. 20 - 200 LR (00:22:55) financesuрр you can check feeds, no one bad feedback (00:23:02) Atatürk: yeah bro i understand (00:23:04) Atatürk: wait (00:24:03) Atatürk: accept escrow? (00:24:17) financesuрр sure, from verified, ms no problem (00:24:35) financesuрр 1800 $ in deposit not enough ?) (00:24:54) Atatürk: ohh i see (00:24:56) Atatürk: sry (00:24:57) Atatürk: :S (00:25:06) Atatürk: bro im verified seller too (00:25:11) Atatürk: on big german forum (00:25:16) Atatürk: u can ask me (00:25:20) Atatürk: "rgm" he is seller (00:25:23) Atatürk: i not timewaster (00:25:28) Atatürk: i buy 100% (00:25:38) Atatürk: but let me buy 1 ftp i pay 20$ for it (00:25:41) Atatürk: if ok i buy NOW (00:25:41) financesuрр but I don't know german forum, later maybe I will give ftp first, now you come to my board (00:25:43) Atatürk: 20$ (00:25:50) Atatürk: yes i know bro (00:25:53) Atatürk: i dont want free ftp (00:25:58) financesuрр then no reason to trouble (00:26:03) Atatürk: i can pay for test ftp 20$ to check (00:26:20) financesuрр now 1.26 in my country and soon I go sleep, will we work ? (00:26:34) Atatürk: bro come on take your time 5min (00:26:40) financesuрр 20 min order (00:26:40) Atatürk: i pay u give i tst 5min (00:27:26) Atatürk: yeah buts first time to deal with you (00:27:32) Atatürk: and you vendor since 9.9 (00:27:37) Atatürk: come on take 5 min your time pls (00:27:45) Atatürk: gimme lr id i send money20$ (00:27:52) Atatürk: and wait 5min i check and say u result (00:28:06) Atatürk: dont think im timewaster (00:28:11) Atatürk: i have over 700 CCs + vbv (00:28:28) financesuрр Man, I am serious, you told me that you are serious to. Please let's deal and build trust to each one. (00:28:36) Atatürk: yes im serous to buy (00:28:40) financesuрр I am little busy to speak about 20$ (00:28:45) Atatürk: but if pay 200$ (00:28:50) Atatürk: and ftp not good for me (00:28:54) Atatürk: then i can delete all ftp (00:29:03) financesuрр then I do moneyback or replacement, don't think bad about me (00:29:10) Atatürk: i dont think about you (00:29:15) Atatürk: i think maybe bad abbout ftp (00:29:26) Atatürk: say me (00:29:31) Atatürk: 1 IP (00:29:34) Atatürk: of your ftp (00:29:39) Atatürk: so i can check quality (00:29:44) financesuрр I have hundreds of ftp's. (00:29:49) Atatürk: yeah but (00:29:54) Atatürk: i dont need free ftp services (00:30:03) financesuрр lol, they are hacked (00:30:07) financesuрр not stealed! (00:30:12) Atatürk: ok (00:30:15) Atatürk: bro i told u (00:30:25) Atatürk: after 1 test i can say good or not (00:30:30) Atatürk: or u give 1 IP i check quality (00:30:54) financesuрр Minimal order 20. If you scary, let do with escrow. (00:31:03) financesuрр Haven't time to speak much. (00:31:47) Atatürk: i send picture wait (00:31:51) Atatürk: (00:31:59) Atatürk: look for seller ZEUSvbv (00:32:08) Atatürk: 1 ftp i buy and if good i buy NOW 20 (00:32:14) Atatürk: or gimme 1 IP so ill check (00:32:18) financesuрр balance 95$. it'salot or what? lol (00:32:21) Atatürk: take your time (00:32:22) Atatürk: lol (00:32:29) Atatürk: its first time my sale there (00:32:33) Atatürk: check tomorrow there (00:32:38) Atatürk: 200 CCs from me (00:32:48) Atatürk: im on verified since 1 week (00:32:53) Atatürk: i payed 50$ (00:33:12) Atatürk: take your time (00:33:16) Atatürk: and u can win a big customer (00:33:20) financesuрр Bro. Don't need to talk much. I already told to you. (00:33:29) Atatürk: i told u too bro (00:33:31) financesuрр 30 ftp at week, not to much. (00:33:43) financesuрр OK, then sorry, look another seller. (00:33:48) Atatürk: ok no probs (00:33:49) Atatürk: thanks (00:34:23) financesuрр I can guaranty to you moneyback or replacement if bad FTP's but I'm sure everything will be ok. (00:34:40) Atatürk: yes if u sure then sale me a ftp for 20$ 1 ftp (00:34:47) Atatürk: if good i swear you i buy now 20 (00:34:54) Atatürk: but if u cant take for customer 5min (00:34:58) Atatürk: then we cant deal (00:35:07) Atatürk: noone will buy without check your ftp sry me (00:35:13) financesuрр I sale at bulk, 10$ for 1 FTP this is bulk price. (00:35:15) Atatürk: im serious buyer (00:35:19) financesuрр ok, proof (00:35:33) financesuрр send 100 lr - I send 20 ftp, then you send 100 lr (00:35:52) Atatürk: come on bro i told my thing (00:35:58) Atatürk: if u not accept it i will not deal (00:36:02) Atatürk: take your time (00:36:09) Atatürk: or dont take your time and ignore me (00:36:12) Atatürk: its ok for me. (00:36:31) financesuрр 1 min (00:37:44) financesuрр U4128766 20 LR memo: prototype (00:37:54) Atatürk: ok (00:37:58) Atatürk: wait me 5min (00:44:51) Atatürk: u there? (00:44:55) financesuрр yes (00:45:00) Atatürk: why offline (00:45:07) financesuрр now? (00:45:19) Atatürk: online ok (00:45:35) Atatürk: U4128766 (zal) (00:45:37) Atatürk: right? (00:45:40) financesuрр yes (00:45:53) Atatürk: memo (00:45:57) Atatürk: i not write (00:45:59) Atatürk: memo clear (00:46:00) Atatürk: ok (00:46:04) financesuрр kk (00:46:23) Atatürk: Batch 112839814 (00:46:58) financesuрр yes I see (00:47:05) Atatürk: EU FTP (00:47:06) Atatürk: pls (00:47:12) financesuрр 3-4 mins (00:47:14) Atatürk: ok (00:54:31) Atatürk: and? (00:55:39) Atatürk: ? (01:01:31) Atatürk: and? (01:02:27) Atatürk: lol ? (01:02:28) Atatürk: answer (01:06:08) Atatürk: if u not answer within 15min (01:06:12) Atatürk: i will write blacklist
  10. FTP

    Ищу !!!!!
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    Привет! Разыскиваю свежие хаканые EU FTPs,покупаю 20-30 в неделю. Плачу либой,если есть что предложить,то Спасибо !!!
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